Emergency Dentist Appointments in Jonesboro, AR

$49 Emergency Exam & X‑Ray

If you've suffered a dental emergency, you deserve fast, effective care. Contact us right away to get the treatment you need, and schedule your limited emergency exam and x-ray for just $49!

Southard Family Dentistry is committed to promoting each patient's oral health and keeping potential oral health concerns at bay. Because we understand that unforeseen dental emergencies can affect even the healthiest individuals, our dedicated Jonesboro, AR team is ready to assist in the event of a dental injury or sudden onset of tooth or mouth pain. 

woman holding her mouth from tooth pain in need of an emergency dentistWhen you need urgent dental care near Jonesboro, Dr. Bond-Southard and her team will do everything we can to provide the fast, comfortable care you need. Contact Southard Family Dentistry when you need an emergency exam or relief for any of the following dental emergencies: 

Tooth Pain

If your tooth hurts for over a day or two, it could signify a more extensive dental problem. Our emergency check-ups involve friendly dentists talking to you and using comfortable digital x-rays to take a detailed look at the cause of your concern.

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

It's not just about looks—knocked-out or broken teeth can cause infections that affect your whole body. Call our emergency dentist immediately if your child has a cracked, knocked-out, or broken tooth. We want to fix it quickly to keep you healthy and happy.

Broken Dental Fillings & Crowns

Even though we use solid materials for our dental crowns and fillings, they can sometimes break. If your filling or crown comes off, you must see us urgently. Our skilled team will check and fix it to keep your smile in good shape.

Dental Abscesses

man holding his mouth due to tooth painDental abscesses happen when infections under your gums aren't treated. At your emergency dentist appointment, we'll look at the abscess and suggest what needs to be done. Take out a tooth quickly or do a particular root canal to help you feel better fast.

Your Emergency Dentist in Jonesboro, AR 

When you need an emergency dentist for fast relief, Southard Family Dentistry is your source for quick and gentle urgent dental care. Contact us today to schedule your emergency exam! 

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