In-House Dental Savings at Southard Family Dentistry

At Southard Family Dentistry, we have created the Southard Smiles Membership Program to help our uninsured patients save on the costs of the dental care they need. For our Jonesboro dental practice, our goal is to keep high-quality dentistry affordable for everyone!

The Southard Smiles Membership Program is an in-house dental savings program. It is not dental insurance, and it is only valid at our Jonesboro, AR dental office.

What Services are Included in the Membership Program?

woman smiling during her dental appointment at Southard Family DentistryThe Southard Smiles Membership Program is billed yearly. Each annual membership includes:

How Much Does the Membership Program Cost?

Southard Smiles Membership Program costs begin at $189 per individual, per year, with the following savings offered for additional family members:

  • Add a spouse for $160
  • Add a dependent teenage family member (age 13-18) for $99 each
  • Add a dependent child (age 12 and under) for $49 each

The 12-month membership fee is due in full at the time of joining.

How Does the Southard Smiles Membership Program Work?

  • The membership will become effective on the first of the month of which payment is received.
  • Renewal payment is due on the beginning of the same month each year.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the member to maximize their benefits by arranging all necessary appointments within the 12-month membership period.
  • If appointments are not scheduled within the 12-month membership period, the member will not be entitled to a refund.

Exclusions, Terms & Conditions

  • man satisfied with the results of his dental work at Southard Family Dentistry
  • The Southard Smiles Membership Plan is not dental insurance. It can only be used at our office.
  • In-house dental savings memberships are non-transferrable.
  • In-house dental savings memberships cannot be combined with dental insurance coverage or any other discounts.
  • Discounts offered under your membership cannot be applied to any treatment received prior to joining, or after ending your 12-month membership period.
  • The anniversary month of your membership is the month you originally joined, regardless of when payment was received.
  • Any necessary payments are due when services are rendered.

Enjoy Savings on the Dental Care You Need

Southard Family Smiles is proud to help make state-of-the-art dentistry more affordable for our patients and their families. To learn more about how our Southard Smiles Dental Membership Program could benefit you, contact our office today!

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