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Sleep Apnea

CPAP Intolerant?

Great News!! Mild – Moderate sleep apnea can be successfully treated using oral appliance therapy.

Dental appliances provide an effective, conservative approach to managing snoring and other sleep-disordered breathing problems by:

  • Bringing the lower jaw open and forward.
  • Holding the tongue forward.
  • Lifting the drooping soft palate.

These appliances worn in the mouth during sleep prevent soft tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airway.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine now recommends oral appliances as a front line of treatment for snoring, sleep apnea with AHI less than or equal to 30, and in cases where CPAP has not been tolerated. What people like about oral appliances is that they fit entirely inside the mouth, they are portable, they do not use electricity or make noise that would bother a sleeping partner, and allow the wearer to change sleep positions.

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