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New Saliva Test may Help Identify Oral Cancer Earlier
...In an effort to detect cancer earlier many dentists visually screen for oral abnormalities during checkups, especially patients over fifty, tobacco or heavy alcohol users, patients with a family history of cancer or a medical history of exposure to the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus, HPV-16...

4 Tips for Avoiding Dental Disease While Wearing Braces
...Of course, if you see abnormalities, like white spots on your teeth or red, puffy or bleeding gums, contact your dentist as soon as possible...

Get Ahead of Bite Problems with Interceptive Orthodontics
...While it may reveal no abnormalities at all, it could also provide the first signs of an emerging problem...

Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery
...However, it can also be used to remedy severe orthodontic problems involving the relationship between the teeth and jaws, including the correction of underbites (the most frequent surgical correction) and congenital abnormalities (birth defects) related to jaw development...

Oral Cancer Screening
...If any abnormalities are noted, a small tissue sample can be retrieved for further testing in a laboratory...

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